Veľko a maloobchod s čalúnickým materiálom
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Solvent based adhesives

Adhesive - Upholstery Adhesive ,,Cvikací cement"
It is used for bonding of leather, fabric, cardboard, paper, haberdashery and upholstery. Suitable for fast, low-stressed joints. Recommended coating on both sides and push or knock joining surfaces after drying.

Adhesive Partiprén
Adhesive is designed for bonding of almost all the materials of a dry surface in addition to polyolefins, PTFE etc. Particularly suitable for flooring, concrete, and miscellaneous construction materials, rubber, leather, paper and all absorbent materials. Recommended coating on both sides and crimping after the dwell film.

Adhesive S4
Solvent base, 33% solids, 5000 mPas viscosity. Usable for carpets and PVC.
Main features: Toluene and cyklohexane free, permanently tacky.

Robinol CE
Traditional natural rubber based adhesive for auxiliary bonding of leather and rubber before sewing. Solids 11%, viscosity 15 000 mPas.
Main features: excellent quality of joint, suitable also for foams bonding.