Veľko a maloobchod s čalúnickým materiálom
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Indoor leather

Retail price with VAT: 
Aida: 79,46€/m2
Madras: 30,24€/m2
Antic: 39,14€/m2
Mondial: 33,94€/m2
Bycast - štiepenka: 34,78€/m2
Roma: 48,89€/m2
Samoa: 39,82€/m2
Virtus: 46,03€/m2
Lake: 63,34€/m2
Atlantic: 49,56€/m2
Classic: 88,87€/m2
Linea: 61,49€/m2
Antique: 39,14€/m2
Ocean: 46,87€/m2
Otis: 85,51€/m2
Prescott: 56,95€/m2
Roma-up: 48,89€/m2
Tosca: 98,62€/m2
Tuscania: 63,34€/m2
Vogue: 63,34€/m2
Zenith: 36,29€/m2
Atmosphere color: 73,75€/m2
Atmosphere emboss: 83,83€/m2
Sequoia: 70,06€/m2
Epic: 50,90€/m2
Kairos: 116,59€/m2
Brúsená koža: 55,00€/m2
Brúsená koža: 44,00€/m2
perforácia (iba na niektoré druhy): cca 13,50€

We recommend to clean with special detergents:

Discarded colors: 
Madras: 651; 61706; 3143; 620
Mondial: 31630; 31774
Bycast: 12116; 3852
Samoa: 109257; 203; 273; 269; 267
Roma: 640; 643; 659; 651; 909; 619; 631; 920
Virtus: 652; 632
Lake: 200877; 200873

Color of samples can be different in real. In case of your interest we are able to borrow our samples.