GOODSIDE® is the first suspension solution made out of glass-fiber reinforced plastic slats that support the body all over, so you can sit and sleep completely evenly without sinking in. Whatever your body shape, it provides your back with optimum support in any position. The materials used guarantee long-lasting elasticity and are much more durable than wooden slats and springs. Even when using a simple mattress, GOODSIDE® guarantees the best support for the body and provides ultimate comfort.

- 100% even surface – ideal for your back when sitting and lying down
- sleep zones with different levels of elasticity guarantee optimum support and comfort
- different slats widths can be adjusted to fit body proportions
- anti-slip structure holds the mattress in place for a peaceful sleep
- extremely robust slats - more hygienic than wood: doesn’t absorb moisture and is        easy to clean
- lightweight construction makes transport and floor maintenance easier
- assembly without tools
- time and material savings in the furniture manufacturing process