Veľko a maloobchod s čalúnickým materiálom
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mabia trnava s.r.o.
Logistická 8
91926  Zavar
Phone contact: 
+421 903 796 469
+421 908 727 420
+421 / 33 / 53 54 193
+421 / 33 / 53 54 194
Fax: +421 / 33 / 55 12 264

Emails: - on this e-mail adress you can send all "regular" orders, i.e. orders on the goods which is on the stock. Your orders will be registered and processed in a very short time. - e-mail adress for every type of questions. – here you can inform about the fabrics which are per order as well as questions concerning delivery time to Slovakia if the goods are currently out of stock. – on this e-mail adress quotation for atypic forms of foam, matrasses and mechanisms will be calculated. You can also use this e-mail adress in questions concerning individual prices on goods in larger quantities (furnishing cinemas, theaters, accommodation and sports facilities etc.) – concerns requests on special materials, e.g. flame resistance, special request on interior furnishing, mechanisms, sofa legs from catalogue Stalmot&Wolmet. You can also write here if you want a quotation on the matrasses.

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 8:00-16:00