Veľko a maloobchod s čalúnickým materiálom
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Batyline® as Hi-Tech composite material produced by the company Serge Ferrari is based on polyester yarns and PVC. Batyline®has the excellent mechanical properties.  Batyline® is flexible and high UV resistance. Without compromise Batyline® inspires you for furniture applications in Indoor and Outdoor. We offer many kinds of Batyline® with the wide color range and with 5 years warranty. 

Batyline® has a high resistance to dirt and micro-organisms.  It is not recommended to be cleaned by high pressure water cleaners.

Batyline ISO
Batyline DUO

Die Transportkosten in die Slowakei sind wie folgt: 
5kg - 15kg: 6,00 € - 18,00 € mit MwSt. 
15kg - 30kg: 18,00 € - 24,00 € mit MwSt. 

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