Veľko a maloobchod s čalúnickým materiálom
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Type: Fabric 
Name: BARI
Width in cm: 140
composition in %: 58,8 PES; 41,2 akryl
Purpose of use: intensive use in home
Resistants to abrasion: 22 000 Martindale 
Retail price with VAT: 5,00€ / m

Do not expose to sunlight, wipe with microfiber cloth.

Sewing instructions:
Needle for sawing: 110 Nm
Sewing Thread: 74 tex (+-5 tex) = GRAL 40
Sewing distance to edge: 20 mm
Stich lenght (the frequency of sewing): 3,2 to 10 mm stitch.
Sewing must be straight.

Available at selected slovak furniture retails.
More information by phone or email.