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Coats Brio is a lubricated polyester braid made from pre-stabilised, high tenacity, continuous filament polyester for machine sewing. Coats Brio is an excellent sewing medium for high speed ornamental and decorative seams on footwear and leather goods. Its low stretch characteristics, soft finish and superior lubrication offer exceptional sewing performance in high speed sewing machines allowing you to produce an attractive, controlled, fine decorative seam on leather footwear and leather goods. Coats Brio can be used on all heavy sewing materials, such as moccasins, soles, rands and welts.
Technical specification for download: Clik here
Main Uses:
- Dress and casual footwear
- Leather goods
- Decorative seams
- Saddle stitch and decorations in heavy materials
- Automotive
- Multi-directional seams on leather car interior
- atc...

In stock:
Brio 1,4mm (350m) - black, white